Dec 13, 2023

CRED bounty, 3x app engagement

One of the CRED’s IPL campaigns that saw engagement 3x of our predictions.

Today, when people ask me where do you work, I say CRED, “You must have seen it during IPL ADs”. That’s how a lot of people remember and recognise this rewarding app.
IPL is a big deal in India, and partnering with a sports league that has viewership in millions, brings a lot of opportunity for a brand in different ways, starting from awareness to footfall. In 2020 and 2021, while CRED's ADs were the center of chatter across the country for it's uniqueness, the campaigns were pretty simple; come to the app at a particular time window (ex, during power-play) and pay your bills, lucky winner will gets 100% cashback.

However, in 2022 we came up with a more involved construct in the app, CRED bounty. The thought of bounty came in with the goal where we wanted our members to engage with the app with a higher frequency, and make it viral amongst the user's networks. I still remember we wanted to build something fun, rewarding, and bubble-wrappy. Kunal gave the reference to Linkedin's invitations screen where one can keep hitting the accept or deny requests and the sender gets notified.

This had two basic design principles, our construct should be 1) tap-tap-tap, and 2) should have instant gratification.
Ya, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Ranjith, Kirve, and I went to the canvas, and I am not kidding, we made the CRED’s visual design version of the LinkedIn screen, of course, it wasn’t even close to what we could potentially do. We were now left with 3 days to figure this out. We were hooked on the word “bubble wrap” and went to dig for some inspiration. Our Figma files looked very very colorful with a lot of skeuomorphic games screenshots. We looked at games that give a tap-tap-tap feeling, games like Candy Crush, and Rock hero were close.

After a lot of design explorations, at 2 am at night, with a file size that was not loading easily, we invented the “buzz” button!! We knew we had cracked 80% of the solution. With some fine-tuning on how the final gameplay should work, a shuffle for getting the next set of contact recommendations, and adding a screen to reflect the reward, we showed it to the team, and that was it!

This project made me learn how to convert a product UI screen to a gameplay.

This project made me learn how to convert a product UI screen to a gameplay.

This project made me learn how to convert a product UI screen to a gameplay.

With the launch of bounty, we saw people hitting upto 35 buzz buttons in a single session, engagement was through the roof.

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