Jan 15, 2024

Ultrahuman: Need of an upgrade

Brilliant product, broken app

Here’s why!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this brand is an extremely lightweight fitness tracker, that looks like a ring, but it’s more.

While looking through the internet, the ultrahuman ring is highly talked about its efficiency and form factor. The app is an integral part of this product, where all the tracking results are reflected. I wanted to know more about how the app will help me manage the data tracked with the ring. Surprisingly, after hunting down a lot, I couldn’t find app reviews for the same over the internet.

I asked friends and family, who were using the ring already.

Both of them love the product. However, these two conversations bring out the hardships users are going through while tracking their health/ fitness using the UH app.

Amit Das (SVP of Design, at Urban Company)

Amit was using an Apple watch as a fitness tracker, and now is a “UH ring AIR” user. He is a designer himself and referred it to 4 folks in his network (including me). He syncs his UH data to Apple Health and uses apps like “Any Distance” to track fitness.
Amit: UH app feedback

The Ring:

  • Comfortable to wear, no skin irritation, and super-light

  • No scratches in 6 weeks of usage

  • Like the charger design as well, easy to fit it correctly

  • It was marketed on the website for 6 days battery life; with regular workouts, it runs for 3 days

  • Need to charge it every 3 days; not a bummer but different from what was shown loudly on the website

  • I wish it had a tracker if I misplaced it somewhere

The App:

  • It’s too complicated to use for the first few times

  • The cards on the home screen are not predictable

  • Everything is extremely text-heavy and feels like a lot of work to understand something

  • Don’t understand if a number is good or bad. I give it to my trainer to figure out what’s good or bad; his answer is, “Leave all this, let’s work-out”

  • I’d ideally want to see how am I doing daily against all metrics

  • Blood vision was interesting and my yearly health check-up was due so I thought of going with it. I’m not sure what am I supposed to do next.

  • Starting a workout is very hidden, it was a struggle to find it.


  • I like the ring form factor, I hate using the app but have no choice.

  • In Amit’s words, “It is not a shareable and brag-worthy app”.

  • Recommends the product.

Alka Gupta (Head of Marketing, Zenduty)

Alka also switched to the Ring AIR from an Apple watch. She is a passionate tech innovation adopter. She wants to be able to be on top of her health & fitness using these products.

The Ring:

  • I really like it, great to wear.

  • I use it mainly for my sleep tracking, it’s better than Apple Health.

  • I got this as it’s unintrusive, unlike a smartwatch.

  • I got the patch (I do it yearly) again to check my vitals and track it.

The App:

  • I didn’t know about the app features before I got the ring, it was a surprise.

  • I like the menstrual cycle tracking feature, also it comes on top of the home page.

  • It’s too much text to read and understand.

  • While browsing, I mistake the “Movement index” for “Sleep index” sometimes (as the widget looks the same)

  • I don’t understand and use a lot of features and data.

  • I open the app only 2 times a day, 30 min after I wake up. 30 min before going to bed, to log my food.

  • I cannot use the app easily, as I used to in Apple Health.

  • I want the sleep data always up-front.

  • I want to know my heart rate, skin temperature, and other things in realtime, when I am on the app.

  • I have only used metabolism tracking only on this app so I am used to it, the metabolism tab is better designed.

  • I don’t know what are zones, I don’t know what will happen with this.

  • The app pages are not well connected. Things are hidden, so even I have to use features like “create goals”, but I didn’t know where they are.

  • I never see the Weekly report, as it takes me outside the app.


  • The sleep-tracking feature is very comprehensive. However, I get lost in the app, it is not easy to use.

  • In Alka’s words, “It doesn’t feel like it’s designed with care for the user”

  • Recommends the product.

Overall Observations

The app doesn’t follow a few fundamental design principles of data-tracking presentation and usability principles, some of them are:

  • App onboarding is missing, user is left on their own to figure out what is what.

  • The app is not designed for muscle memory for the user to build familiarity.

  • The language/ terms used in the app are beyond layman’s understanding.

  • Information/ data disclosure is not well sequenced. It’s too much information on the face, and it gets overwhelming for the consumer.

  • Context saving from the previous step is missing.

  • Feature discovery is poor. The user is lost on: “where is what”, “what is what”, “why it is the way it is”, and “what to make out of it” It’s confusing.

  • The app doesn’t help the user to be on top of their fitness, features like “day at a glance” are missing. It’s just a tracker (with some generic suggestions).

  • Because everything looks the same, I don’t know what’s important and what’s not.

  • An overview of a scope/ index doesn’t tell if it’s optimal or sub-optimal.

  • Examples of fitness/ health apps that are well designed and UH can learn from Any distance, Rise, Supersonic, Gyroscope, Apple Health , Whoop band

As a UH ring owner myself, I will be using this product every day. I don’t want to just wear it; I would want it to become a habit, and make it part of my daily fitness. Also, share it!

As a UH ring owner myself, I will be using this product every day. I don’t want to just wear it; I would want it to become a habit, and make it part of my daily fitness. Also, share it!

As a UH ring owner myself, I will be using this product every day. I don’t want to just wear it; I would want it to become a habit, and make it part of my daily fitness. Also, share it!

The UH ring product seems like a great alternative; word-of-mouth goes with a disclaimer of a bad app.

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